WoW & Tech Resources

WoW Resources

Arena Junkies: A “one stop shop” for WoW PvP discussion and debate

El’s Extreme Anglin’: The premiere guide to fishing in WoW

Elitist Jerks: General min-maxing on a class by class basis

Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic: WoW macro explanations and resource links

Just my 2 Copper: The #1 WoW gold making blog and home to the JMTC forums

Lorecrafted: An excellent source for WoW lore information and discussion

MMO-Champion: The definitive source for WoW news

Tankspot: Raid strategies in written and video form

World of Raids: An excellent source of WoW news and blue post listings

WoWhead: The definitive WoW online database

Tech Resources

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