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Paladin Changes Abound

So I figured being that the blog is named “Techadin” I should actually post about something Paladin related once in awhile, especially with the Paladin changes being put out a couple days early. I’m not usually one to make a huge deal out of changes for a game/expansion that’s not even in beta testing, but I just can’t pass this up.

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Cancelled Raids, What to Do?

I’m sure any of us that raid on a somewhat regular basis have encountered today’s topic, a cancelled raid. Learning that your weekly raid has been cancelled is always a pain no matter how much notice you have and for some of us this can really put a damper on WoW in general. I know many people who five years later, play this game to raid…and nothing else. You’ve got to wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a raid is called, how many people are truly put into a funk for the remainder of the night, how many simply brush it off and go about their business? Continue reading

Bring some good to the dungeon finder

What I’ve started to notice is that the dungeon finder has a ridiculously high tendency to throw me into under geared groups when I queue up to heal. For most people this would present a problem, I use these situations to go against the grain and benefit my party. More often then not you will run into people who have recently started running heroics for the first time. All to often I see impatient groups toss these new faces to the curb, how is that helping things? Continue reading