Cataclysmic Overclocking

I wanted to take some time today to look at a secondary reason to get into overclocking sometime in the next six months or so. We all know by now that Cataclysm is on it’s way and getting closer by the week. It is also very apparent that WoW’s engine is starting to show serious signs of aging. One key point made at Blizzcon was that the game is getting a bit of a face lift. It has yet to be fully determined what exactly is changing but we do know a few things. Continue reading


Face Rolling to Perfection

Face rolling, perfection…in the same sentence? The topic of Ret Paladins and other DPS classes face rolling through their rotations is a topic that’s brought up all to often. It is a harsh reality that some classes have a much easier time with their DPS rotations, what this does NOT mean is that there’s any room for improvement. Continue reading

Taking the Easy Way Out

This may be a question you’ve posed to yourself at one time or another, do I take the easy way out? I’m referring to the ability of a hybrid class to fill more then one party role when one is in much higher demand then the other.

Do I take the quick and easy road to a random heroic or ICC pug as Holy or do what I truly have fun with and wait 15 minutes for my daily? All to often I find myself turning away the near instant queue times and waiting my turn as Ret so I can squeeze in 1 or 2 more quests as I continue working on Loremaster. Sometimes the instant queue times are nice, don’t get me wrong there but am I the only one who prefers to tank/heal in a guild setting? Continue reading

Phasing out Overclocking

So I started thinking, how many people these days build computers with overclocking as a primary concern. Many related markets (watercooling components as an example) may be bigger then ever but I am of the belief that this is because the hobby has been trivialized enough that the barrier to entry is lower then ever. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in every possible way but it does give people a similar sense of entitlement to newcomers to WoW. As technology evolves and we are given new toys to play with there is always more knowledge to be had but more and more I’m seeing people hit respectable numbers on stock cooling and never once stop to think what they could have if they actually worked for it. Continue reading

Bring some good to the dungeon finder

What I’ve started to notice is that the dungeon finder has a ridiculously high tendency to throw me into under geared groups when I queue up to heal. For most people this would present a problem, I use these situations to go against the grain and benefit my party. More often then not you will run into people who have recently started running heroics for the first time. All to often I see impatient groups toss these new faces to the curb, how is that helping things? Continue reading


I thought it seemed proper to start things off formally. My goal for this blog is to have a place to share my points of view on news related to both WoW and PC hardware. I’m a hardware fanatic who would often rather be overclocking, benchmarking or modding my PC then playing games but WoW has slowly started to leech more and more of that time.

I’ve been building and overclocking computers for 9 or 10 years and playing WoW for about 3, this has left me slightly less jaded towards the game then many people. In WoW the majority of my time is either spent raiding or working on useless achievements as a time sink. As the name of the blog implies I play a Paladin as my main with Holy as my main spec and Ret for solo play.

As I said, this will be more a congregation of personal views and opinions than a news source in addition to musings about overclocking and system building. I’m not here solely to nab as many subscribers as possible but if any of the above interests you enough to warrant a return visit then great. Initially my intent is to post at least a few times each week but the content will never be forced. There may be weeks in which you see 13 posts go up and some containing 4 or 5. All in all my goal for this blog is to offer relatively clean, uncensored commentary on the passions which I value most…hopefully that will be apparent enough that you might want pop in once and awhile. 😉

– Cornelious