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Time to Upgrade? A New System Perhaps?

Many of us have come to that point where we look at our computers and start to seriously consider upgrading. Maybe it’s been awhile since you payed much attention to the market(s) and now find yourself suck between a rock and  a hard place. You have the money to upgrade your system but you’ll end up spending more then you planned due to supply and demand driving the prices of older hardware up over time. Once you factor in time spent tracking down parts and a few other things you may start to wonder if it’s really worth the hassle…maybe rebuilding the system from the ground up will end up saving your some green down the road.

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The Power Supply Problem

Problem…what problem?

I wanted to take some time today to touch on the very important topic of power supplies (PSU’s), what to look for and what to avoid. Part of the reason there even is a problem stems from the fact that your computer’s power supply isn’t something most people see as contributing to system performance…or so you’d think. Another key thing that factors into the power supply “problem” is the fact that the market is so over saturated with power supplies that are for lack of a better word, shit. Continue reading

Case Modding and You

This is a little bit of a different topic for some and possibly something that might not normally cross your mind. The idea of modding one’s case is something that many people will dismiss as a useless waste of time or more trouble then it’s worth. Typically I find that the people offering this “criticism” are the same people who will purchase a system from a company such as Dell or HP, never having any intent of cracking it open to have a look-see. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, I wouldn’t expect my parents to be interested in the internal aesthetics of their PC but I wish that many of the nay-sayers out there would keep their mouths shut. There are many reasons to look into modifying your PC, some are purely aesthetic while many offer very tangible benefits. Continue reading

Get Your Rig Wet

My first custom water cooling loop

Water cooling is something that even today is seen as a crazy alternative to cooling ones computer. Five to ten years ago this stigma was much more justified but today, today this very interesting hobby suffers from uneducated criticism more then anything. Like any other enthusiast level product there can be a number of reasons not to get involved, but I feel that the potential advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. It is often thought that the only (somewhat) practical reason to bother with water cooling is to overclock. While this is often true, there are still a number of alternative motives to keep in mind. Continue reading

Cataclysmic Overclocking

I wanted to take some time today to look at a secondary reason to get into overclocking sometime in the next six months or so. We all know by now that Cataclysm is on it’s way and getting closer by the week. It is also very apparent that WoW’s engine is starting to show serious signs of aging. One key point made at Blizzcon was that the game is getting a bit of a face lift. It has yet to be fully determined what exactly is changing but we do know a few things. Continue reading

Phasing out Overclocking

So I started thinking, how many people these days build computers with overclocking as a primary concern. Many related markets (watercooling components as an example) may be bigger then ever but I am of the belief that this is because the hobby has been trivialized enough that the barrier to entry is lower then ever. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in every possible way but it does give people a similar sense of entitlement to newcomers to WoW. As technology evolves and we are given new toys to play with there is always more knowledge to be had but more and more I’m seeing people hit respectable numbers on stock cooling and never once stop to think what they could have if they actually worked for it. Continue reading