Podcasts & Blogs

Blue Plz: A WoW shock jock show by the Cynical Brit himself, TB

Call to Auction: An excellent gold centric WoW podcast by Markco & Euripides

Castaclysm: A WoW podcast focusing on PvP, gold tips and Cataclysm prep by Markco, Thunderer and Jhaman

Outlandish: A free for all WoW podcast for the “every-day” player by Matt, Jeremy and Justin (explicit)

Pugcast: A WoW podcast not for the feint of heart by Jeg and Draechen (explicit)

Rawrcast: A quality WoW podcast covering most aspects of the game by Stompalina and Hafrot (explicit)

Slash 2: A WoW podcast encompassing all that is tainted and wrong with trade chat by Rustee, Varazslat and Kormus

The Instance: One of the most successful WoW podcasts of our day hosted by Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan

The DogHouse: A podcast by DogHouseSystems geared towards PC gaming, tech tips and gadgets

Ventchat: A conversational blog and podcast about The World Of Warcraft and beyond by Fen, HolySauce and Esta (explicit)

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