I suppose some formalities are in order.

My name is Jeff, I’m a 24 year old male gamer and PC hardware enthusiast with a very patient wife of 2 years. Beyond WoW and overclocking there’s not a whole lot that occupies my spare time. I started playing WoW about 3 years ago and after a failed warrior I rolled my rogue. The rogue was my main all the way up through raiding Naxramas in Wrath. Shortly afterwards I rolled my current main, a human Paladin named Atheenah. I have been raiding as holy through 4 tiers of raiding in WotLK and am still going strong in ICC. I can’t see my focus changing anytime soon, the flexibility of versatility of the Paladin class are all to appealing.

Whenever I’m not playing WoW I’m keeping up with the ever evolving PC hardware market and planning my next system overclock and case mods. This passion and hobby of mine is something that eats up more time then I sometimes care to share but I have yet to lose interest in over a decade.

The majority of my time spent in WoW is now on the Hellscream US server raiding with the Ascension guild, home also to the fine folks of the Slash 2 podcast. Outside of my spare time most of my days are spent at work where I solder/assemble/repair custom electronic equipment. Anything else you wanna know? 😛

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