Why Blog, Why Now?

Up until recently I had considered my time in World of Warcraft to be fairly typical of many players. Aside from getting involved in a raiding guild and getting to know people via Vent I have taken on a number of other “projects” within the out of game community. My initial first hand experience in the community surrounding this game was when Stomplina and Hafrot from Rawrcast agreed to take me on doing recordings for the “Under the Hood” segment. On a weekly basis I came to the show and spent 5 to 10 minutes discussing PC hardware and relating it to the general WoW player. Unfortunately the pre-recorded nature of the segment ended up leaving me feeling slightly detached from the whole experience and my “run” on the show ended after 13 installments.

As a direct result of one of my later “Under the Hood” recordings I came to know John and Keith over at DogHouse Systems. After a month or two of preparation I made my live debut on episode 18 of the DogHouse Systems podcast “The DogHouse”. For a half hour or so each episode I sit down with the hosts of the show and talk overclocking and enthusiast computing in general. In addition to the podcast segment I have also taken on the role of a moderator on the DogHouse Systems forums as the community continues to grow. Up until now the segment has been met with extremely positive response and I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

This leads up to where we are today. I honestly don’t know what lead to me starting up the blog, I think part of it was my desire for a place to rant about WoW and overclocking without driving my wife insane. The future of Techadin is relatively certain even in it’s infancy. I am not trying to keep myself regulated to a certain number of posts per day, my intent is to post what’s on my mind on a daily basis without heavy censoring or regulation. As I continue to reach out to the community surrounding this game of ours I’m looking forward to having a personal outlet to call my own. I honestly was never concerned about how many readers I would have or the content of my posts, it will be what it is and if anyone relates enough or finds interest in my musing then great!

Once and awhile it’s nice to sit back and think about why you’re doing the things you are, to often it’s easy to get settled into “content mode” where days go by without you stopping to evaluate why you’re still doing what you’re doing. It has taken some serious re-evaluation lately but I’m glad to have landed where I am and I look forward to many future months of blogging and getting more involved in this awesome community.

– Cornelious

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