Preview Preview, What’s In a Preview?

With the incoming swarm of information regarding Cataclysm class changes I’d like to stop and try to slow things down a bit. Yes I realize that it’s exciting to have all this shiny new information about the upcoming expansion and yes I realize that many WoW players are already feeling the pre-expansion burnout but seriously, calm down! We’re still a good five or six months away from the release of Cataclysm and many of the newly released details will change before we even get word of beta testing getting under way. Blizzard is doing something very interesting with this trickle of information, we’re being spoon fed one class at a time to keep interest peaked, but this is also playing against them. Every time a new class preview is released, the community is up in arms over one thing or another, only to have the feeling build that much more from different angles by the time the next one rolls out.

It’s perfectly normal to be interested in one’s class (especially with Cataclysm essentially being WoW 2.0) but the amount of arguing and QQ’ing going on out there is sickening. Please, everyone…just calm down! Blizzard has accomplished everything that they could have wanted with this slow trickle of information, now understand that there will be changes in the months to come and you may find that that hot new talent or spell gets pummeled by the nerf bat before it sees the light of day. I’m sure we’ll be dealing with the ongoing Twitter/forum spamming of this chatter for some time but personally I’m taking a step back…I’ll be the one standing in the corner waiting for the dust to settle asking “Is it safe to come out yet?”

– Cornelious

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