Face Rolling to Perfection

Face rolling, perfection…in the same sentence? The topic of Ret Paladins and other DPS classes face rolling through their rotations is a topic that’s brought up all to often. It is a harsh reality that some classes have a much easier time with their DPS rotations, what this does NOT mean is that there’s any room for improvement.

I’ll be honest, if I’m pugging a raid or heroic I typically tend to roll in as Ret. This isn’t because I’m lazy or disinterested in healing, it’s to show to myself and others that expectations of a “face rollable” class can often be broken. The stereotype of many DPS classes is that they’re exceptionally easy to play, resulting in lazy players. Personally, I bust my ass when I DPS to try and dispell this myth.

So what do I mean by face rolling to perfection? What I’m trying to get to is the fact that even though I have a fairly simple 5 button priority system for a rotation, there is still a great degree of variance in DPS based on situational awareness and advanced knowledge of your class. I hate hearing people get ridiculed for playing an “easy class” come end game. Some classes need to prove their worth by learning complex rotations while others need to find an alternate avenue.

Go ahead and play your Ret pally, arcane mage or mutilate rogue…you’re paying to play this game to have fun. Never forget however that there is just as much room for improvement with any “easy” class as any other. Don’t let the trolls get you down, be the best player you can be and face roll your way to perfection!

– Cornelious

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