Phasing out Overclocking

So I started thinking, how many people these days build computers with overclocking as a primary concern. Many related markets (watercooling components as an example) may be bigger then ever but I am of the belief that this is because the hobby has been trivialized enough that the barrier to entry is lower then ever. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in every possible way but it does give people a similar sense of entitlement to newcomers to WoW. As technology evolves and we are given new toys to play with there is always more knowledge to be had but more and more I’m seeing people hit respectable numbers on stock cooling and never once stop to think what they could have if they actually worked for it.

Part of this is due to the fact that many of today’s components are already so overpowered for us gamers that people simply don’t care…there isn’t nearly the same “quest for the holy grail” feeling as there used to be. While I will agree that there are still such extreme people in existence it seems as though hardcore overclocking is back to being just as much of a niche as it was so many years ago.

Do our community a favor and take overclocking seriously, do everything within your power to make the most of the experience and keep this infectiously addicting past time alive!

– Cornelious

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