I thought it seemed proper to start things off formally. My goal for this blog is to have a place to share my points of view on news related to both WoW and PC hardware. I’m a hardware fanatic who would often rather be overclocking, benchmarking or modding my PC then playing games but WoW has slowly started to leech more and more of that time.

I’ve been building and overclocking computers for 9 or 10 years and playing WoW for about 3, this has left me slightly less jaded towards the game then many people. In WoW the majority of my time is either spent raiding or working on useless achievements as a time sink. As the name of the blog implies I play a Paladin as my main with Holy as my main spec and Ret for solo play.

As I said, this will be more a congregation of personal views and opinions than a news source in addition to musings about overclocking and system building. I’m not here solely to nab as many subscribers as possible but if any of the above interests you enough to warrant a return visit then great. Initially my intent is to post at least a few times each week but the content will never be forced. There may be weeks in which you see 13 posts go up and some containing 4 or 5. All in all my goal for this blog is to offer relatively clean, uncensored commentary on the passions which I value most…hopefully that will be apparent enough that you might want pop in once and awhile. 😉

– Cornelious

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