Bring some good to the dungeon finder

What I’ve started to notice is that the dungeon finder has a ridiculously high tendency to throw me into under geared groups when I queue up to heal. For most people this would present a problem, I use these situations to go against the grain and benefit my party. More often then not you will run into people who have recently started running heroics for the first time. All to often I see impatient groups toss these new faces to the curb, how is that helping things?

Many people seem to forget that we were all at that same stage at one point and enough impatient elitist groups in a row can really start to put a damper on the enthusiasm of a newer player. Yes I realize that we’re not all paying our $15/month to baby sit people and yes I realize that there are free resources all over the internet to help guide new 80’s…but why waste the time being counter productive. All I’m suggesting is that people begin to take more time with newer players and under geared groups, offer assistance along the way and recommend a couple resources or toss out a few tips if you’ve got the time.

So many players bitch and moan about how many new and uneducated players are flooding the dungeon finder, yet those same people are more then likely the first to initiate a vote kick of a sub-par DPS or new tank or healer. Take a few moments out of your time to point someone in the right direction and help be a part of the solution to this plague of a problem as opposed to one more negative experience for a member of a new wave of WoW players.

– Cornelious

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