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Back to My Roots

I thought it would be proper to let you guys know where I’ve been and where I’ll be heading. I’ve recently “come back into my own” and revived my old segment “Under the Hood” with Rawrcast over at

I can’t say that I plan to keep this blog going on a regular basis, any writings done for Under the Hood will be primarily be based on PC hardware and I’m really looking forward to getting back to my roots. I thank everyone who took interest in this small project of mine for the week or two it existed, I’m not going anywhere else anytime soon…thanks again to everyone.

– Cornelious


Time to Upgrade? A New System Perhaps?

Many of us have come to that point where we look at our computers and start to seriously consider upgrading. Maybe it’s been awhile since you payed much attention to the market(s) and now find yourself suck between a rock and  a hard place. You have the money to upgrade your system but you’ll end up spending more then you planned due to supply and demand driving the prices of older hardware up over time. Once you factor in time spent tracking down parts and a few other things you may start to wonder if it’s really worth the hassle…maybe rebuilding the system from the ground up will end up saving your some green down the road.

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Blizzard > Your Wallet

I’m sure by now the vast majority of people “in tune” with the news surrounding WoW are aware of the Celestial Steed and Lil’ XT going live on the Blizzard store and the obscene amount of money Blizz has made in less than 24 hours. After trudging through the masses of people bitching and moaning I decided to take a slightly less “in your face” approach to voicing my opinions. Isn’t this blog thing starting to come in handy? 😛

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Paladin Changes Abound

So I figured being that the blog is named “Techadin” I should actually post about something Paladin related once in awhile, especially with the Paladin changes being put out a couple days early. I’m not usually one to make a huge deal out of changes for a game/expansion that’s not even in beta testing, but I just can’t pass this up.

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Altaholics Anonymous

I know the topic has probably come up at least once over the past few days with all the Cataclysm previews going live. An expansion is a great time to switch to a toon who has maybe been left by the wayside but is still at level cap. I find it increasingly difficult to switch my main (or even consider it) while we’re in the middle of an existing expansion pack or even work on alts in general. Any time spent leveling or gearing up another character feels like little more than a complete waste, I could be using that time to work on my main raiding toon after all. I suppose depending on what has you excited about Cataclysm you may or may not have issues shifting your focus. Irregardless of your situation or interests I still think there are a fairly standard number of advantages and disadvantages to spending a notable amount of time working on alts. Continue reading

The Power Supply Problem

Problem…what problem?

I wanted to take some time today to touch on the very important topic of power supplies (PSU’s), what to look for and what to avoid. Part of the reason there even is a problem stems from the fact that your computer’s power supply isn’t something most people see as contributing to system performance…or so you’d think. Another key thing that factors into the power supply “problem” is the fact that the market is so over saturated with power supplies that are for lack of a better word, shit. Continue reading

Cancelled Raids, What to Do?

I’m sure any of us that raid on a somewhat regular basis have encountered today’s topic, a cancelled raid. Learning that your weekly raid has been cancelled is always a pain no matter how much notice you have and for some of us this can really put a damper on WoW in general. I know many people who five years later, play this game to raid…and nothing else. You’ve got to wonder what goes on behind the scenes when a raid is called, how many people are truly put into a funk for the remainder of the night, how many simply brush it off and go about their business? Continue reading